7" metal take up reels

How To Distinguish Between Audio Reels and Film Reels
7 Inch 1/4 Inch Empty Spool Recording Tape Reel Opening Machine Part Low Noise High Strength 11 Holes Aluminum Alloy Reeltoreel Cassette Player (Gold) : : Tools & Home Improvement
8 spoke 7” metal takeup reels (For ¼” wide tape)
Recording Tape Reel, 1/4 7 Inch Empty Tape Reel, Recording Takeup Reel, Universal 8 Holes Aluminum Alloy Open Reel for Reel to Reel Tape Players (Silver) : : Office Products
Hello! I have an Akai 4000DS MK2 and im wondering if there is anyway to adjust the take up reels deck table? The tape is scrapping my metal reel, the side closest
RMG SM900 1/4 X 1200' 7 Metal Reel Box - RMGi Recording Tape - Accessories - ABC(Int`l)Records
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Collection of 27 7 reels with metal take up reel Photo #1305275 - Canuck Audio Mart
1/4 7 Inch Empty Tape Reel Universal for Opening Machine Part Recording Takeup Reel, Aluminum Alloy 11 Hole Empty Takeup Reel for Reel to Reel Tape Machines Replacement (Silver) : : Office Products
1/4 7 Inch Empty Tape Reel, 11 Holes Take Up Reel to Reel Small
Teac RE-711 1/4 inch metal 7 in. reels
7 Inch Takeup Reel, Empty Aluminum Alloy Take Up Reel to Reel Small Hub with 3 Holes Design, Universal Nab Take Up for 1/4 Inch Reel to Reel Tape : Electronics
7 Inch Empty Reel, 2 Holes Aluminum Open Reel Sound Tape Empty Reel Opening Machine Part Tape Takeup Reel for TEAC (Silver) : Electronics
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7 Inch Custom made Take up Metal Reel to Reel Aluminum Gold Sony
10.5 (and one 7) audio tape reels, 1. 10.5-inch (26.7cm) …
1/4 Metal reel, 10.5 diameter - USED (Assorted Brands) – Teletechproaudio
Ketsicart® 7 Inch Empty Reel, Empty Takeup Reel Universal Low Noise Bending Resistant 3 Holes for Reel to Reel Tape Player (Silver) : : Office Products
7 inch reel products for sale
Dokorder Reel to Tape Recorder 7 Blank Metal Take Up
TAPE REELS - Empty - Metal and Plastic
7 Premium Metal Reel to Reel Take Up/Supply Reel - Style 3
VINTAGE 7 MEISTER Aluminum Metal Take Up Reel To Reel For 1/4 Tape 3 Window $33.33 - PicClick