Pinterest is the fastest growing website?

You didn’t known much about Pinterest until a few months ago, don’t you? Then you may not know that it is the fastest growing website in the world!

Pinterest interface

Here is some history:

The project started back in December 2009 and the first beta release was made in March 2010. Although the start up was slow and painful (one of the founders personally wrote the first 5000 invitations), Pinterest had it’s first 10,000 users after just 9 months. After that, the investors tried to sell Pinterest to a magazine publishing company from New York, but the deal was not even discussed because of no interest from the publisher. They had no way of knowing what’s about to come next!

On March 2011 the Pinterest team released an iPhone app that brought a lot of traffic, much more than anticipated, following that on December 2011 Pinterest will enter in the top 10 largest social websites, with 11 million visits per week.

Nowadays the company raised $120 million in funding, is moving in a large building and is passing $1.5 billion on the stock market. Awesome isn’t it?

And for your own knowledge, most of the Pinterest’s traffic is made by women: just over 80%!

I personally use Pinterest for inspiration, curiosity and image sharing. I find it very intuitive and easy to use, but more important very relaxing. Maybe this is why it is growing so fast. Now I am just curious what will happen next.