How quickly we will design more for mobile than for PC’s?

Seems that mobile traffic is massively increasing lately. As a consequence there are a lot of online publications like Smashing Magazine that are writing more and more about mobile design, apps, tablets, responsive design and other related stuff.

Sooner or later we will put the mobile design in front of any other interface design, as the people will use the portable devices a lot better.

As UI and UX designer, I have noticed that designing for mobile devices is more fun and interesting. Why? Because the screen size limitation, the lack of a standard resolution, slow Internet connections, and poor support of JavaScript or Flash, puts me in the situation to better focus on the content and functionality. Basically, a mobile site is a lot more straightforward for both the users and the designer.

There is a lot of evidence on the web about the increasing mobile traffic. Today more than 10% of world’s web traffic is from mobile devices, Asia being the most developed this way (18%).

Year after year, the mobile traffic gets more than double, having a growth rate higher than anticipated.

Most than half of the mobile data traffic is currently used by video streaming websites like YouTube.

There are also rumors that by 2016 every man, woman or child from the planet will have at least one mobile device.

Analyzing these figures, I think that is clear for anyone that mobile Internet is the future, and we as web designers should prepare for this transformation!

To be continued…