Simple web elements – free download

It is very useful when I need something nice but free for my working project or just to learn how others do it, and I search on Google and find it! Now is my turn to start giving something back to the community, and here it is!

Simple Web ElementsI’ve done a simple web elements design that seems to be very appreciated on deviantArt, counting over 2000 downloads in 6 months. You can download it for free here by clicking on the Download File link.

The included elements are:

  • buttons
  • form elements (select, textarea, checkbox, radio)
  • newsletter box
  • error messages
  • slider

I hope to enjoy it and feel free to comment here or on my deviantArt page. I have more interesting stuff to share with you in the near future, and I also recommend you to share all the valuable stuff you can. Someday good things will happen because of that 🙂