Affordable 3D Presentation Services

Our 3D presentation services are specially designed, in order to provide the best solution for our customer’s needs.

If you need a 3D presentation movie, a scene animation or just the image of a product or building that has not been realized yet, we can help you. We just need the specifications of the product that you need to present and some descriptive details. Basically we make 3D presentations for any kind of product, regardless of its destination: for an advertising campaign, for a website, application or video game.

When your business partners can’t view your product, a 3D presentation may be the best solution. Save time and cost required to see that product in another city, for example, and have much lower development costs than production itself. With the help of the 3D presentations you get a better spatial perception of your product, you can see any detail and you can reduce the production costs by identifying potential problems before the actual execution.

If you have already a building/property that you want to better value it by a new interior redesign, a 3D presentation will help you to get the best decision. Not always your creative and nonconformist ideas can be put in practice. Therefore it is better to know before how will look your new arrangement. You can save time, money and energy that you may consume making a design that finally you may not like.

Any 3D presentation involves 4 steps: modeling, texturing, illumination and rendering. Depending on your project requirements we can emphasize more any of these steps.

What are 3D presentations and what advantages have?

3D presentations are obtained from a three-dimensional graphic creation process using computers and special software. This can be done in the form of still images or videos. The stages of making a 3D project involves: modeling of the objects in the scene, texturing, scene lighting and rendering.

3D Presentations offers a number of advantages over 2D presentation (obtained by drawing and illustration). These include:

  • the ability to obtain images from any angle
  • the colors (textures) and lighting can be easily changed
  • can be done unlimited changes on the settlement and geometry of the objects, at any time, without significantly affecting the execution time of the project
  • the resulting images are realistic and very accurate, based on the exact dimensions of all objects in the scene, using natural perspective
  • can be made animated sequences of the scenes by using interactive 3D technologies

Where and when are 3D presentations used?

The renderings are digital images, made entirely by following a modeling process and digital creation. Therefore they can be easily used in any form, on any media:

  • initial presentation web site
  • complete website
  • digital brochures
  • catalogs and other printed materials
  • identification panels (for construction sites)
  • posters, banners
  • e-mail newsletters

Most times the client needs 3D architectural presentations while the project is still under development. Therefore the 3D production can be divided into several stages that can be synchronized with the phases of construction and promotion. 3D presentations allow great flexibility in their execution. Thus, we give higher priority to certain parts of the project, by developing together with you, real time. In addition there is always the opportunity to make changes without starting the project from scratch.

How we make the prices?

The 3D presentations are complex projects that often involve a series of preparatory or post-processing steps. Generally speaking there are no two projects alike, so we should consider all aspects in order to provide the final price.

First we should know if you need one or multiple renderings or an animation. Then we are interested in the environment you want to display presentations (web, print, posters, projections, etc.). Depending on this we set the dimensions in pixels of the final image.

Another important step is to establish the scene complexity, the level of detail you want and the final image quality.

The price also depends on the elements creation of the project. If we do creative work for various elements of the project or even all the creative work, the cost can be significantly higher than in the case you already have these aspects.

Finally, the price will be decided by the estimated work time, the necessary resources (graphic designers, computing power, etc.) and the number of the final images you want. Anyway, our price will be affordable!


rendering, rendering: the process of obtaining an image from a 3D scene
render farm: a series of powerful computers connected together in order to increase the processing power thus decreasing time rendering
3D architectural rendering: the result of a 3D architectural project
3D animation: video result obtained from a 3D scene (fly-through video)

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